Ich habe noch keine Nachricht von den Ausländerbehörde bekommen, deshalb warte ich noch – I have still not received news from the Aliens Authority so I continue to wait.

My application for residency has been and continues to be a somewhat protracted process and it appears that these immigration matters are prone to delays. I visited the Aliens Authority this week and I was told my application was still being processed. It was indicated that I have another two to three weeks to wait before I will receive news. I sincerely hope to know something within the next few weeks.

I have enjoyed the companionship of new flatmates and friends and I have been regularly meeting with some new friends from Japan. We have had fun conversing in broken German, attempting to discuss cinema, learning about cultural differences and appraising a variety of German confectionery.

A few Berlin cinemas have enjoyed my regular patronage. My local cinema in Prenzlauer Berg held a fabulous retrospective of German expressionist films from the early 1920s. Although these films were silent their text interludes offered a little gentle exercise for my fledgling German language skills.

In a deliberate move my studio visits have focused less on strict graphic design practice and moved a little further afield. I feel very fortunate to have met so many interesting people and their generosity and hospitality have been wonderful. The openness and warmth I have encountered in Germany has made my stay most enjoyable. I just hope my stay can continue. Needless to say I still have my fingers crossed and my thumbs pressed.

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