The last few weeks in Berlin have been good. Uncertainty regarding my European immigration status is still looming but I am trying to work at it from a number of different perspectives.

When not negotiating the finer points of German immigration law or pursuing my language studies I have been trying to acquaint myself with the local design community. I have had a number of meetings with a variety of studios and the visits have offered me an insight into the diverse design culture that thrives in Berlin.

I have moved to an apartment in northern Prenzlauer Berg and it is enjoyable to explore a new area of the city.

Northern Prenzlauer
Berg is an interesting area with many of the residents having lived in the former Deutsche Democratische Republik. There is a different social atmosphere here with a less hectic pace of life and perhaps a stronger sense of community. The rumours of ex-Stasi operatives in my building add a sense of intrigue and are a reminder of the pervasive control and observation associated with the former regime.

It is a relief to have found a new place as it appears that Berlin is slowly filling with sporting fans from all corners of the globe. They are converging on Germany for Fußball Weltmeisterschaft 2006 and all the hullabaloo that goes with it.

I have been making an effort to partake in the wonderful music opportunities that Berlin has to offer. Most recently I enjoyed a concert of chamber music composed by Hans Werner Henze at the Philharmonie. I am yet to attend a concert with the famed Berliner Philharmoniker but I hope to this week.

A solo piano concert performance by Jason Beck alias Chilly Gonzales reminded me of the importance of chutzpah and humour. Perhaps I should think about a pseudonym?

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