The last few weeks have brought to mind an aphorism of Leonardo Da Vinci. «Iron rusts from disuse; stagnant water loses its purity and in cold weather becomes frozen; even so does inaction sap the vigour of the mind.» While my circumstances are not quite as dire as this aphorism might suggest, I am still anxiously awaiting news regarding my immigration status. This predicament has discombobulated me and I feel I have become a trifle magniloquent in consequence. Aye!

The Aliens Authority continue to sit on my application and if nothing else I am somewhat comforted to think that it may be providing someone with a cushion of sorts.

It would be euphemistic for me to describe this predicament as merely frustrating – in fact many unmentionable expletives come to mind with ease.

Histrionics and hyperbole aside I do sincerely appreciate that these matters are serious and that international mobility and residency are priveleges, to be sure.

Despite the tedium of waiting, the last month or so has had its share of excitement. I have settled in yet another apartment and have enjoyed exploring the surrounding areas. I have become somewhat accustomed to this transience and have found it to offer a curious pleasure – it has been fascinating to observe different domestic situations and they have offered me an interesting perspective of Berlin and the various lifestyles of its inhabitants.

A few weeks ago I enjoyed a short sojourn on the island of Rügen. It felt great to be on the move again and it was wonderful to smell the sea.

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