Uncertain and unsettled would best describe my last month in Europe.

My language studies at the Goethe Institute came to a conclusion in the lead up to a visit from my parents and an appointment with the Aliens Department.

I met my parents in Copenhagen in early July and spent a wonderful weekend there with them. We then enjoyed a few days in Berlin before we were forced to flee to Frankfurt as Berlin accommodation could not accommodate us for the final weekend of the Weltmeisterschaft 2006. I finally bid farewell to my parents and returned to Berlin for my much anticipated appointment with the Aliens Department.

On Tuesday 18 July I met with the Aliens Department regarding my application for temporary residency. After a slightly bewildering talk it was decided that my application warranted further examination. That was good news. My application has been sent to the Employment Department and I have been granted an extension of stay to cover this processing time. I should know the judgement in three to four weeks.

Uncertainty regarding
my European immigration status continues although a decision is within sight.

I look forward to getting the result from my application. Either way it offers me direction. If I am successful in gaining residency then I plan to contact some of the studios I have already visited and ascertain whether there are any employment opportunities. If my application is rejected I will need to rethink my future in Europe. I have my fingers crossed and my thumbs pressed.

I continue to keep myself occupied with the German language and a splash of Summer fun. There is a classical music and opera hiatus at the moment as cultural and social life move outdoors for the warmth of Summer.

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